Get Involved

Cacap’s first project is to ensure the San Jose Animal Care Center (SJACC) has adequate support, funding, and staff to:

  • meet community needs for animal services, including the provision of TNR and low cost spay, neuter, and vaccination services

  • fulfill the Five Freedoms standard of care

We are concerned about these issues:

  • Shelter Capacity
  • Facilities Maintenance & Capital Improvements
  • Shelter Staffing & Training
  • Availability of Services to the Community
  • Community Education & Support
  • Insufficient data collection and analysis for strategic planning
  • Quality of Life of Animals in the Shelter

Next Steps

Beginning in January, CCAWP will voice its recommendations for SJACC and justifications for monies to support those recommendations as part of the City of San Jose’s 2023/2024 budget process. The budget process tries to make sure the City of San Jose uses its resources effectively to meet the needs and priorities of the community. If you would like city officials to know that you believe SJACC is a priority, please join our Facebook group.

On our site you will find sample language for questions and recommendations to send to city officials, how to find and contact your city representative, and information on the Budget Process including when and how you can participate.